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Media Center Policies

Checking Out Books

  • Library books may be checked out and taken home for a one-week period. After one week, the book(s) may be renewed for another one-week period. Students may check out books as follows:
    • Kindergarten: 1 book
    • Grades 1-5: 2 books
  • Students come to the media center with their class following a M-F schedule.  Books must be returned before new books can be checked out. 

Overdue Books

  • Books that are not returned after one week are considered overdue.
  • If a student has an overdue book, they may not check out another book until the overdue book is returned.

Lost or Damaged Books

  • Students are encouraged to be responsible in caring for books; however, if a book is lost or damaged to the point where it cannot be circulated, parents are notified of the cost of the book.
  • When payment is made for a lost or damaged book, the student may again check out books from the Media Center.
  • Should the book be found within 3 months from the due date, it may be returned to the Media Center and the payment will be refunded.

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